NAB Show Update – Quickthoughts- Apple updates Final Cut Pro X, Compressor and Motion Apps

Though Apple is not officially exhibiting at the NAB trade Show 2015, it did  send out a press release announcing an update to its hugely popular video editing software, Final Cut Pro X, along with updates to companion apps Motion and Compressor. Motion and compressor function as the “back end” of the software, while FCP X works as the “front end”.

Apple has enhanced FCP X for increased GPU (graphic processing unit) performance. The updates bring new features for motion graphics and enhancements to speed up video editing, and delivery.

Editing and grading tasks are now more efficiently taken care off. Editors can now view upto four video scopes at one same time for precise color grading and correction applications. It also includes  support for more video formats such as Panasonic AVC-Ultra and Sony’s new XAVC-S recording format. Support for new codecs is very welcome, especially for the Sony’s implementation of AVC-HD format (XAVC) which is becoming vastly popular. Easier and faster workflow for working with RAW files from RED Cameras is also expected.

The press release includes quotes from Philip Schiller, Senior VP for Worldwide marketing-

“From Hollywood blockbuster directors to first time movie makers, Final Cut Pro X is changing the way we edit movies today. The updated Final Cut Pro X, Motion and Compressor make it even easier to edit, title and package everything from short videos to feature-length films.”

Motion 5.2 offers additional options for 3D titles, bringing tools for the making dynamic titles. Editor’s can now work with animated, customizable 3D text and convert 2D text to 3D text on the go.

Updates to Compressor 4.2 on the other hand now make it easier to prepare movies for sale on the iTunes Store.

The AVCHD (H.264) recording format gets a big hand of support from Apple with  the ability to now do multi-pass encoding which is a  popular format for viewing video on the Web ; it is now touted as 2.7 times faster in the new version using hardware acceleration built into Intel Core i5 or i7 systems such as the iMac and MacBook Pro.

Mac Pro users also get a boost with the ability to now use support of 2 GPU ‘s instead of one, if need be.

Other improvements include improved key-framing, copy and paste functionality in the timeline, mask and shape creation for rectangles and circles.

All in all, accelerated GPU performance seems to be at the center for Apple’s update.

All three software  are available as free to all existing users today.

New users can purchase them on the Mac App Store separately as required- The main app FCP X is priced at INR 18,500/- (~300USD)

Compressor and Motion are each priced at INR 3,500/- (~50USD)


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