Vision Mission and Ethics Statement

I am a Photographer-Videographer-Producer based out of New Delhi, India. I work across various genres of electronic field production such as multimedia, news, programs, documentaries and corporate films.

Free and easy access resources have been one of my biggest sources of learning.

Being a child of a digital world, seeing the photographic technique and technology grow, mushroom and now explode in so many ways has been a bit daunting.
Trends have been of a new camera coming out once in three years, to one every year, to six months, and now a new camera comes out every 3 weeks or so. Multiply that across, photo,video,sound, editing and other equipment, and you realise, what a huge task keeping up to date really is.
Being in a industry which is so rapidly expanding, you are at a severe disadvantage if you don’t keep up, which is just not acceptable.

One is constantly consuming, processing, implementing and tweaking. Always learning,making mistakes and learning through those mistakes; tweaking your processes through experience as you go.

The purpose of this blog is exactly that, sharing tips, tricks, mistakes, fixes, life hacks, DIY and experiences.

More importantly, the main purpose is to build a resource of easy accessible information about photography and photographic practices. Me, being based out of India, would play a big role in producing posts accordingly, in the sense that –

a) Finding and getting correct, objective and unbiased information about photographic techniques is not very easy in India for various reasons. This blog is a step in bridging that gap.


b) India and South East Asia on a larger scale is the hub for a lot of field production for teams both local and international. I will also be sharing best practices,opinion and how-to’s for photographing in these areas. I hope my experience of working with international teams can help contribute in.

My main motive is to help people photograph better and develop the best photographic practices irrespective of whether they are amateurs or pro’s.

Also, all information on this blog is free.

I would occasionally be giving suggestions on places/stores/dealers etc. to buy/ rent equipment from, these are based purely on my rapport, trust and experience with these people. These suggestions are only for your convenience, they are not advertisements and are not paid for.

Being a professional photographer-videographer-producer I enjoy discussing my techniques and crafts and sharing as many tips and topics I can. I will focus my writing on photography, videography, technology new and old, and tools and gadgets that make our lives easier.

Occasionally I will post bits of news, videos, and other links and try to bring out the best  through my views or through others’ in a guest post.

I look forward to sharing and discussing anything that makes visual story telling better.

Happy Photography!


15 March 2015

Contact me on
facebook- https://www.facebook.com/kshitijnagar24
twitter- https://twitter.com/KshitijNagar
follow me on Instagram – @kshitijnagar

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